About Us

The Mu Boulé Foundation was formed as the philanthropic arm of Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Its mission is to provide college and pre-college financial scholarships and to undertake other educationally uplifting initiatives for deserving students of underrepresented constituencies. Through its mentoring program, annual scholarship and other philanthropic efforts, the Mu Boulé Foundation is also dedicated to the advancement of disadvantaged youth by providing human capital and financial resources necessary to ensure that they will have the opportunity to achieve a better way of life as productive members of the society.

The Mu Boulé Foundation also provides grants to partners with community organizations who share our commitment to addressing the social and educational issues that promote the overall advancement of our disadvantaged and undeserved youth community. The Mu Boulé Foundation is a registered 501 (c) (3) public charity organization.

Additionally, each year the Mu Boulé Foundation creates an annual report to document the activities and finances that reflect the past year.  Learn more about at our 2017 programming and financial endeavors by viewing the link below.

Board of Directors

  • Officers
  • Charles W. Dickerson, President
  • James A. Smith, Vice President
  • Willie L. Williams, CPA, Treasurer 
  • Paul A. Murdoch, Secretary

  • Members 
  • Courtney L. Billington
  • Dr. Sherle L. Boone
  • Dr. Charles H. Bower
  • Frank P. Flores
  • James M. Hopkins
  • Paul Murdock
  • Wayne A. Seaton
  • Mark Tatum

Corporate Supporters

  • Mast Construction Services, Inc.
  • MBIA Foundation
  • Academy Network, LLC
  • Citigroup Payment Services
  • Noah Technology, Inc.
  • Jenssen Supply Group, LLC
  • Pettus & Williams, PLLC
  • Remm Heating, Inc.
  • Hudson County Community College
  • Verizon