Role Models for Successful Manhood

Residing in underserved communities can make adolescents, especially African-American boys, more susceptible to succumb to negative influences that besiege them. But with determination, resiliency and guidance, a “silent majority” among these young men can avoid these circumstances and become leaders in their classrooms and communities. Created in 2013 by Archon Sherle L. Boone, the Role Models for Successful Manhood Program (RMM) aims to improve life chances for success among participants in the areas of school, college and the workplace. This award-winning RMM program aims to provide an invaluable leadership and mentoring experience for these promising youth.

RMM Program Goals

  1. To inspire hope in efforts toward achieving personal and community goals;
  2. To develop and refine education and career goals;
  3. To cultivate leadership skills and potential;
  4. To develop and sustain self-confidence as well as healthy attitudes about self and relationships with others;
  5. To develop and sustain high levels of academic interest, motivation, and performance.

The RMM program includes online workshops for both first-year and returning participants that focus on skills, practices, and qualities needed for success in adulthood conducted by professional males with expertise on the workshop topics.

In the past, topics for new participants covered:
  1. Creating and maintaining relationships (i.e. relationships with parents, friends, co-workers, and others; sharing and caring for others; becoming an effective “team player;” and becoming a good listener);
  2. Maintaining a “winning attitude” (i.e., perseverance; succeeding in adversity; building on strengths; reading and maintaining an open mind;
  3. Setting personal as well as community service-oriented goals (i.e., setting education and career goals and steps to achieve them; setting interpersonal, social and citizenship goals and steps to attain them; and setting financial management goals;
  4. Making career choices and developing plans of action to attain them (i.e., medical and health professions; engineering professions; education professions; business, finance, and law profession; science and technology professions; and public service professions).

The returning participants attended five workshops on the following topics:
  1. Goal-setting and time management;
  2. Developing resilience in pursuit of goals;
  3. Deferring immediate gratification for long-term gains; and
  4. Developing and implementing networking strategies in pursuit of goals.

Workshops for RMM students occur in person at Kean University in Union, New Jersey.

Criteria & Eligibility

The Mu Boule Foundation invites you to apply to its Becoming Role-Models for Successful Manhood (RMM) online program, January 13-February 17, 2024. Successful men from all walks of life volunteering their time to be mentors will conduct a series of online seminars on the principles of manhood, leadership, citizenship and community empowerment.

The RMM program aims to identify and recruit motivated boys who may have experienced barriers to opportunities. They should have the desire to represent and serve as successful role models in their schools and communities. Apply today for an opportunity to be a part of this life-changing experience.


  • Academic Level: 7th, 8th grade males
  • Submission: Application, Essay, Latest report card
  • Submission Deadline: Monday January 8, 2024
  • Costs: There is no program fee.

If you prefer to complete the application offline, please click here to download a hard copy of the application.